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I wanted my front yard re-landscaped.  It was all overgrown and looked a lot like the Munsters house.  Neither my husband or I are into yard work, and it had gotten completely out of hand, but DH didn't seem to care.

So, I called a landscape vendor out and he gave me a quote of $4500.   Very nice man who explained everything in great detail.

NOTE:  I live in an "average" neighbor hood of 3 BR houses, small yards, mostly young couples starting out.  I'm middle-aged, but I've been in this house almost 15 years.  I could afford a house 3X this size, but have no need to move.

DH insisted I get a 2nd quote.  Fine - Vendor number 2 comes out, and as soon as he got out of his truck I could see he had attitude.

"You're going to have to rip up everything""   (Yeah, we know that)

"That tree removal alone will be $500!!"  (yeah, knew that too)

Finally he told me, in an irritated voice - this is going to cost at least $4000 and you can't afford that.

I thanked him for his time.   The 4500 quote actually got DH motivated - he hired 2 teenage boys to help with the hard stuff and we did the lawn ourselves for about $1500.

What a moron! Did you call his boss?


--- Quote ---Finally he told me, in an irritated voice - this is going to cost at least $4000 and you can't afford that.
--- End quote ---

How insulting!  >:(  He has no idea what you can afford.  That type of presumptuous attitude makes me sick. 

Mental Magpie:
I'm afraid I would not have been able to hold my tongue.  You did much better than I.

OPÖ.a little story:

Iím acquainted with a couple who quietly built their wealth.  Wife is quite plain looking and dowdy (no makeup, no jewelry) and went into a fancy boutique looking for a gift for her daughter.  The saleslady was snotty and acted like she didnít want to be bothered.  So wife walked out and decided to shop elsewhere Ė she drove to another store in her new midnight blue Jaguar, which I happen to know she paid cash for (something in the neighborhood of $160K).   ;)


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