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And that, Raintree, is how it should be!

Money is a very nice thing to have, but it shouldn't be the basis for judging people.  If someone feels they can afford a certain service or goods, then those in business would do well to work with them, rather than looking down on them.  If it turns out they're not quite expecting things to be so expensive, then other arrangements might be suggested.  However, you just never know when that initial assistance (and open-mindedness) might  pay off for a business down the track.  People remember both the good and the bad.

I'm pretty lucky, it seems, in how I'm approached in businesses, even though I generally dress for comfort rather than style.  I think Australia is much more down-to-earth in such matters!  Even when I go to the city, it still seems I get a good run.

I also dress for comfort more than style. We have two employees who wear break neck high heels daily and frequently trip over things in them.

No. I will wear my lovely wedges and flats and you can have the super high heels.


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