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Author Topic: S/O I think you missed part of the present... -- Please find my gift already!  (Read 2227 times)

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After graduation, my friends and I all moved to different parts of the country.  One of those friends has a birthday coming up.  Since her birthday is in the summer, she always got the short end of the stick in terms of celebrating with the friends as we'd all be packing to leave/finishing up finals before we left, and when we did get a real celebration in, it was coupled with another friend's summer birthday and post-finals celebrating.  Though we don't normally exchange gifts, I wanted to send her something this time because it always bugged me that she didn't get the same consideration that others in our group did. 

I wasn't sure of the date (I'm not on FB anymore), and I didn't want to tip her off to the surprise by asking so I bought it online ahead of time and figured it was ok if it arrived early.  Well it arrived on Friday of last week.  After a couple of days of not hearing from her, I went ahead and texted her to check her mail.  She said her roommate has the mail key, but she'll go check once she gets it from her.  It's been 3 days since then and I'm pretty sure she hasn't checked yet (we text each other at least 10 times a day).

Her birthday, it turns out, is tomorrow and I want her to have her gift, but also I want to ensure that it actually arrived to the proper spot- is it nagging to ask her to check her mail again? I guess I'm kind of giving up on the surprise part at this point.

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I'd definitely clue her in that she should be expecting something.  Otherwise whatever you sent might be long gone to another location and difficult to track down.

Edited:  I'm curious though.  Why doesn't she have her OWN mail key?


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Asking twice over the space of several days isn't nagging, especially if you're in frequent contact. Say something like, "let me know when you next check your mail--there might be a surprise waiting!"

I am reminded of a farside comic I cannot find. It was someone mailing themselves in a box as a surprise, only to discover that the person they had been mailed to was on holiday for a month.


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Are you trying to avoid telling her she has a present waiting?  Maybe it's time to give that up.  Clearly she's missing the hint.  :)  If I had someone that concerned on my mail checking habits, I'd suspect something fun in the box, no waiting! 

"Friend, I sent you a present for your birthday.  Check your mail.  I'd like to make sure you actually received it."

Goodness, it's been a couple weeks now, if it got lost in the mail, it might be hard to track it down.  I don't think it's nagging.  Actually, I think she could use a little nagging. :)

And she needs her own key.

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I think that between friends who text often and give each other gifts, a message of 'Hey - check your mailbox!  I sent you something and want to know if it arrived OK,' would be entirely appropriate, especially since you already tipped her off with the first prompt. 

Best wishes.