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No, They Can't Spend The Night

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Sorry, I wasn't really clear.  I didn't decide that they wouldn't stay over, only that my room was off-limits.  I know it's not my house, which is why I haven't bolted my bookcase to my wall.  I ran it by my father, and after inspecting the bookcase he said it wasn't going anywhere, so we didn't need to bother with that.  I'm also not worried about them pulling a fast one and just showing up.  My uncle will persist with his questions, but he doesn't take the sneaky approach.  I was just looking for something to say when I'm confronted with, "Why can't they stay in your room with you?"  I don't do well with confrontations, and I was afraid of blurting out the wrong thing.

Thanks for the feedback!  I see a couple good ideas that I might end up using.

"That won't be possible, you'll have to think of something else."
"I'm not comfortable with it, you'll have to think of something else."

Or really, since it is your parents who are arranging these visits with your uncle, why not just put it on them ahead of time? "Mom, Uncle said something about an overnight visit.  They won't be able to stay in my bedroom, so where are you planning on putting the kids?"

That way when your Uncle actually suggests them staying over, your family already knows where the kids are going and it will be a joint front.  Though I have to ask - if he is leaving the kids with you overnight, how will he even know where they sleep?

gramma dishes:
CrochetFanatic  ~~  I'm a little confused about exactly who lives in your house.  Is it your parents' house or your Grandmother's?  Do all four of you live there?

Because I don't think the problem is with Uncle and his kids at all!  So far with what I've read, it sounds like this is something that needs to be addressed with your parents and perhaps the Grandmother, since she's the one offering your room out from under you.

Even though it isn't your house (and therefore you can be overridden on the subject of overnights), you are a full time resident (I presume) and as such you should have a right to privacy at least in your own room and you should be able to protect your stuff from a curious three year old.

I'd revisit the subject with all of the other adults you live with first.  Not about the overnight itself, but about your room and your expectations of privacy there.  And if you don't want to interact with the child, make sure your Mom knows that you won't be guilted into babysitting.

I'd put a lock on my bedroom door.

gramma dishes:

--- Quote from: LeveeWoman on June 16, 2013, 11:43:32 AM ---I'd put a lock on my bedroom door.

--- End quote ---

I fully agree, but we aren't sure she'd be allowed to since it is technically not her house. 


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