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Author Topic: Disclosing vegan menu to guests?  (Read 27068 times)

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Re: Disclosing vegan menu to guests?
« Reply #150 on: June 23, 2013, 05:41:04 AM »
Another problem is that there are variations within the vegan community. 

An in-law is vegan.  She has now decided that she is going gluten-free. (This is a personal choice.  It is not a medical issue) and oil-free.   Add this to all the true food allergies and intolerances out there and planning a Wedding dinner can become almost impossible. 


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Re: Disclosing vegan menu to guests?
« Reply #151 on: June 24, 2013, 10:00:18 AM »
I also wouldn't use the word vegan just because simply many people don't really know what it means!  I was even watching Masterchef the other day and they had to make a vegan lasagna. One of the contestants suggested a creamy sauce until another contestant reminder her it was a vegan lasagna not vegetarian and a cream sauce was going to be hard to do and went with tomato instead (I'm sure it is possible to do some type of creamy vegan sauce but I would have no idea about how either).

Creamy sauce would be made with cashews that have been pureed or some type of soy milk, silken tofu etc.  No actual cream/or form of dairy would be used at all.  So while I wouldn't care if the word Vegan itself was used but I would like to know it isn't a "real" cream sauce and it's cashew based/soy based etc.  I have many a vegan sauces (and love them) but they are not even remotely like a real cream sauce.  But they are delicious in their own way.

Yeah, see I knew there must be a way. :)  But the contestant clearly wasn't even thinking about something like that b/c once he  reminded her it was vegan lasagna she dropped it.  I've seen lots of people even in this thread only bringing up the "missing meat" issue.

You can make a pretty delicious vegan cream sauce with coconut cream (thicker version of coconut milk - or the full fat coconut milk you get in asian markets, different from the coconut milk at wholefoods/trader joes)