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Worst pick-up lines

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Okay, I guess it could be argued that most pick-up lines are pathetic but depending on how charming the person is you might give them some credit for trying. 

But which have made you groan or walk away while rolling your eyes and wondering how the guy thought that would be appealing?

Years ago I was invited to go bowling with some coworkers at a Dave & Busters.   Since it was sort of a fun off work thing DH just stayed home with the boys and told me to have fun.   Which I did, though one of the guys there got flirty and told me "If I were your husband I wouldn't let you out of my sight!" 

I don't remember exactly what I said but it was along the lines of "Wow, I appreciate my husband even more, now."

"I have a waterbed, wanna make some waves with me?" <wink>

You look like you would taste good - first message sent to me by a guy off the dating site I'm on. 

When I was in college, very crude and I simply walked away. Looked right at my chest and proclaimed "you have nice t*ts"

Him: "Do you smoke?" 
Me: "Nope."
Him: "I wish you did, and I would be reincarnated as an ashtray."
Me: "...?????..."
Him: "...and then you would wipe your butt all over me."


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