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Worst pick-up lines

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haggis for the soul:

--- Quote from: Dazi on June 18, 2013, 10:56:41 AM ---A few weeks ago, while  I was pumping  gas, this guy calls out from the other pump something like " I like thick women".

Like that's really gonna make me want to talk to you.  ::)

--- End quote ---

"Thick" as in "stupid"?  Because that's the only kind of girl that kind of line would work on.

Reviving b/c this is too good not to post.

The first message sent to me on a dating site:

"Hey crackerpants! What kind of trouble are you getting into today?"

Turns out, this guy copy and pasted the line from HowToTextGirls dot com. Complete with quotation marks. And Urban Dictionary has no idea what "crackerpants" is.

Since the user said in his profile that he was new to the country, I decided not to tell him that calling a white person a "cracker" is insulting, but instead just reported him as a potential scammer. B/c, really, he can't come up with his own sentence and has to copy and paste something from a completely different website?

Hmm, I suspect "crackerpants" has more to do with "firecracker" than the term "cracker" for a certain ethnicity.

One that was used on me.
Background: there was discussion earlier in the night about how another girl or I were usually the more sober ones who remided people that what they are thinking may not be a good idea-some a*hole then called us "the prudes". I was leaving much later when a different guy who was heading to the dorm next door to mine said he would walk me.
Him: "Do you really want to be the prude tonight?
me: "Yes" shuts door.

Another story. In grad school, we had a male classmate from France. Another female student and I were teaching him bad American pickup lines and told him they were bad but that with his heavy, thick French accent they would still work. He tried many a bad line (I lost my phone number, can I have yours? Did it hurt when you fell down from heaven? Are you tired cause you have been running through my mind all night long? and the horrible not one I wanted to teach him "Nice shoes. Wanna f***?"). He usually got a free drink, fun conversations and an occasional phone number when he used the first ones.
The best story though was before class one night. He walked up to another female student who he was friends with. She was very quiet and conservative. He opens:
Him: Melanie, those are nice shoes
Melanie: Why thank you Male Student, they are new. I am breaking them in today
Him: Melanie, would you like to f*** with me?
Cue the entire class within close range, including Melanie, laughing hysterically. Melanie suggested that that particular line doesn't work well ever and said that we would regret teaching him that particular line.

I was walking down the street in Manhattan last winter wearing my red winter coat, and some guy said Hey look! Its Big Red Riding Hood! Uh, no. I can't imagine why he would think calling me fat would make me want to talk to him. As I walked away he called out 'No, I like big women!'


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