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Misuse of a facebook account - how to approach?

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One of my friends has been using her facebook account almost exclusively to sell products, and she posts some kind of "ad"as a status update several times a day.  I've hidden her from my feed and did a little checking about the terms of service, and it appears that we aren't supposed to be using our personal timelines to sell products but we are allowed to have a separate "page" for selling of products and services.

I'd like to say something to my friend about it, but I am concerned about causing a confrontation.  I'd appreciate any ideas about if I should say anything first of all and what I could say if I do proceed with giving her a head's up.  I don't want to just defreind or report her.

Why not defriend her?  Obviously she doesn't care what her friends think about being spammed, since she obviously must know it's annoying but she does it anyway.  Reporting her will either do nothing or get her whole account closed down, which would give you more flack.  Just block or defriend her and if anyone asks you about it later, you can be honest - you got sick of being spammed.

Can you be a bit P/A and private message her, saying something like: "Hi, I noticed that I'm getting a lot of your business posts on my facebook feed.  I really only like to get regular status updates from my friends, so I figured I must have the wrong account.  Could you send me a friend request from your personal account?  And don't be surprised when I defriend your business account; nothing personal, but I just want to keep the friends separate from the business relationships."

Then you put her on notice that a) you don't appreciate the 'business' emails, b) you only expect personal status updates, and c) (if she reads between the lines) not everyone appreciates her blurring the lines between friend and potential customer.

You already have the power to limit what you see of her feed and the ultimate power to see nothing at all.

It's really her business what she posts on her page.  And its pretty hypocriitical of FB to actualy have a  rule that says you can't advertise on your own page considering how much they clog up the feed with ads.  And there is no way to block those from appeareing at least once!

I don't think its worth reporting her page either unless you really don't want her as a friend anymore.

I think this is one of those things that you really dont need to make your business.  You dont want to see it, so set your settings accordingly.

Honestly I would
a. Report her for violation of TOS
b. Block her


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