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Music reccommendations?

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BG: I have a cochlear implant, and am always on the lookout for new music. HOWEVER, "new" doesn't necessarily have to mean new in terms of age. In order for me to learn a new song, I find it on YouTube with lyrics and learn it, once I've memorized it, I can recognize it once its playing, but not until then. There's a bit of a learning curve, but its worth it.

The thing is - with so much music out there, I can sift through 100 songs a day just to find 1 or 2 I really like.

So I ask you - You're stranded on a desert island with an eternally charged mp3 player that holds only 10 songs... What songs would you choose? Any style/genre/period - I like them all!!!!

I like anything by Jethro Tull.  Back in the "old days" before music downloads, when we had to buy the whole album, I knew I wasn't paying for just one or two good songs.  With Jethro Tull, I loved everything on the album.

Congrats on the implant!

Anything by Ella Fitzgerald. 

I also tend to like groovy, loungy type of music so I like the Hotel Costes series, there aren't always many lyrics and they aren't always in english, but it's my writing music

I'm a big fan of Putumayo world music as well.  I think I have all of their CD's burned to itunes and in a large playlist

For something more recent, I would get Adele's XI album - I know it may seem overplayed/overhyped, but if it is fresh to you, I'd recommend it as some really nice music.

If you like Celtic I highly recommend the Barra MacNeils. Anything by them is wonderful.

Also worth listening to are Great Big Sea, David Myles,  the Sons of Maxwell, Don Carroll's solo album is good.


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