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Can I serve my guests something I can't eat?

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I'm allergic to peaches.  I can handle them with no problems, but eating them is a recipe for disaster.  I bought some peaches recently for some houseguests, who didn't eat them and forgot to take them home with them.  Now I have a lot of peaches.  My partner's headed out of town, and I'm having a dinner party.  Is it weird to whip up a nice peach salsa for my guests?  If I'm not going to eat it?

Not at all :)  I think you are perfectly fine as long as you know without tasting that it is a good salsa and provide a recipe here for us ehellions.

I think it's fine. I would probably not even notice you weren't eating it, and I'd much rather not have to rush you to the ER because you felt obliged to eat them.

Outdoor Girl:
I think you're fine to serve the peaches however you wish.

And another vote for sharing the recipe!

Now you have me thinking about one of my favourite pies.  I've also made peach crisp and served it warm, on vanilla ice cream.  So good!

I don't see why not.

I would enlist a trusted friend to taste it before the party just to be sure it's okay. I once made a recipe that turned out entirely inedible so I'm a big proponent of tasting before serving.


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