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Can I serve my guests something I can't eat?

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Tea Drinker:
Late in my grandmother's life, her doctors had her on a restricted diet. When we went to visit, she went to the store and got chocolate cake: if she couldn't have it herself, she could at least watch her grandchildren enjoying it. (A girl in her mid- to late teens, and a boy three years younger, we were happy to oblige.)

I often add peppers ( sweet) to roast vegetable mixes - I don't eat them but I know that most people love 'em. So , yes, you can serve that lovely salsa *after* you share the recipe

Nope, it's fine! I hope you will have something yummy to eat too though!

Outdoor Girl:
A friend of my mother's made a Fall Fair award winning raisin pie.  I got her recipe to make it for my Dad.  She didn't eat raisins.  I always found that hysterical.

(She was also the maker of the best peach pie.  Whenever she had one in the church bazaar, I made sure I was first in line to buy it.)


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