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Can I serve my guests something I can't eat?

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rose red:
It's fine.  I hate shrimp but many of my friends/family love it so I cook it for them at gatherings.  They key is that it's an addition, not something that's different as your own meal.  I may only eat the chicken and not the shrimp, but there's enough chicken for the guests too so they can have both. 

my MIL frequently makes food she really dislikes or that she won't eat--even food that makes her ill to smell it cooking--for other people because she knows they love it.

I'm too selfish for that--I'm not going to go to a lot of trouble for something *I* can't eat--but that's really just my own preference for myself.

And in fact, now that I've been diagnosed with celiac, I do still (and will always) serve wheat-based bread, and will make my famous choc.chip cookies and will make "real" birthday cakes.

(OK, on some meals, I'm going to be serving non-gluten desserts, but for special occasions?)

I'm allergic to strawberries... yet I'm told that I make a rockin' strawberry shortcake!  (There's no shortage of taste-testers in my house!)

I make food I don't eat for guests. I am a vegetarian. I don't have an ethical problem with non-factory farm meat. I just can't make myself eat it. I either follow a well-reviewed recipe or make a meat-eater test it.

Sure, I've done it. I made a German Chocolate cake on request for someone at work, and everyone raved about how wonderful it turned out. I wouldn't know -- I can't stand coconut and didn't have any!


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