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Surprise vow renewal - bad idea?

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My parent's 40th wedding anniversary is this year, and my brother and I have been talking about surprising them with a vow renewal.  I was looking through their wedding album and saw that they kept the text (including the vows) of the entire ceremony.  Their best man and maid of honor were their siblings, so they could certainly participate. 

I'm having a nagging feeling that making it a surprise isn't a great idea.  They may want to write new vows since their original ones were just standard ones provided by the pastor.  They may want to get their wedding rings engraved - or buy each other new rings. My family is very big on surprises, so we kind of tend to default to that "mode" when planning any kind of celebration. 

Has anyone done or have heard of surprise vow renewal ceremonies?

How do you know they want a vow renewal? This is something that is deeply personal and I really wouldn't surprise them with it.

I've never heard of this, but I have a feeling that the only people deciding upon whether to renew vows should be the couple themselves.

This is something for couples to decide on themselves, I don't think a surprise for this is a good idea.

rose red:
I think that's a personal thing.  Many couples love it, but your parents might feel like me and feel silly.  A surprise would make it worse.  It's best to let them know your idea and let them decide for themselves. 


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