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Surprise vow renewal - bad idea?

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I have always told people that surprises should involve large sums of cash (as in winning the lottery) or very sparkly jewelry. My husband knows this and only surprised me once. He asked me to dress nicely, but warmly. Took me to the theater followed by dinner and a horse-drawn carriage ride and ended it by proposing. Since it involved sparkly jewelry, this surprise was OK with me!


--- Quote from: ladyknight1 on June 26, 2013, 02:20:59 PM ---No, a surprise dinner is good, surprise vow renewal not so good.

There is only one person in the world allowed to surprise me and that is DH. Surprises in my lifetime have generally been terrible, so I only trust him to make a positive one.

Vow renewals are quite common in my circle, and have nothing to do with problems in a marriage.

--- End quote ---

Agreed.  In our circles, vow renewals are usually associated with milestone anniversaries.  They certainly aren't a 'Hey! We're back together!' event. Also, the idea of renewing vows every year seems more like renewing a subscription than a meaningful gesture of continuing love. 

Vow renewals tend to be low-key affairs done as part of the Anniversary party.  If a member of the clergy is a relative or close friend, s/he may say a few words but there is no way that this sort of a vow renewal could be mistaken for a Wedding. 

Surprise parties are really a know-your-audience (guest) type of thing.  Some people like them; some don't.  I especially wouldn't do a surprise vow renewal.  A vow renewal is a personal thing.  Again, some people feel the need to do them, some don't.  I am on the don't side--I guess I personally feel that my first ones don't expire so why do I need to renew them?


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