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Tactfully asking "Who ARE you?"

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DGS's Baptism is next month.  DD and DSIL sent paper invitations to the ceremony and lunch, asking for email replies, giving her email address.

This morning she received the following reply:  "Thanks so much for inviting us to Baby's Baptism.  We'll be there."

No salutation or signature.  The email came from "" 

How do you respond?  The first thing that comes to mind is "We're so glad you can make it.  By the way, who are you?" but that doesn't seem quite appropriate.

I had the exact same experience! I was having a party, sent out paper invitations, and put my phone number down for "voice or text" replies. I received a text reply from a phone number that was not in my phone just saying "I'll be there".

I just texted back and said something like, "I'm glad you're coming and I feel silly asking this, but I don't have your phone number in my cell phone so I don't know who this is." She replied and told me who she was and we laughed about it.

No biggie. Sort of a hazard of today's communication methods.

Sorry, I guess my e-mail system lost your address and it isn't popping up who belongs to this address. Please send me your name.

I've done the same with texts that obviously came from someone at work because they were asking "what is the dress code for the staff development/workday" but I didn't have their number in my phone.

Did you try googling the email address? I've done that successfully for both email addresses and phone numbers.

If that doesn't work, I like kherbert's wording.

I once had a phone conversation with someone that I had no clue who they were.  They texted and I responded by phone (because at the time texting cost me money and I figured I'd be able to tell who they were by the voice).  I finally figured out who it was (an old friend) at about the 15 minute mark by asking general "hows life treating you?" sorts of questions. Even though I got away with it, I wish I'd just asked up front :-p.

"I am so glad you can make it...however I must confess I am not sure whose email this is?  Please let us know."


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