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Any eHellion police officers (or folks who know some)?



I know many of you have heard of (or been impacted by) the wildfires that have already hit Colorado this year, and the Black Forest fire which destroyed more homes than any other in Colorado history.

One of the families who lost their home is that of a Colorado Springs police officer, whose son (Kyle) has been collecting Police Department patches since a visit to the National Law Enforcement Memorial after the death of his uncle (another Springs officer) in the line of duty. Of course, with the home, went the patches.

So the call is out for police department patches from all over the world for Kyle - they can be sent to his dad at the Colorado Springs police department (address in the article, or PM me if you have trouble accessing the article). I know we've got eHellions from all over the world here - could any of you who are in law enforcement or know someone who is, look into sending a patch to Kyle?



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