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When someone says something rude about you within your earshot, is it best to pretend you never heard it?

What about if there is a belittling facebook exchange that isn't directly about you, but about something specific you like or do?  Ignore or speak up?

I encountered both these situations today and both left me feeling really...i dunno... not hurt, but defensive, I guess.

Sounds like someone is trying to get a rise out of you, then claim you were eavesdropping, "I wasn't posting about YOU," or "YOU are too sensitive."

Ignore him/her.

Rude within earshot= ignore unless they are live-in relatives or extremely close "friends".  In that case, you could turn and say, "you realize I'm here, right?"

Facebook exchange is ostensibly a public discussion, so if you want to, you could say, "you know, what I like about X is..." or "fortunately i and the other xmillion people who love this think differently." or make a jokey comment about how it's an acquired taste, or "you just don't know what you're missing."
But I would definitely keep it light, don't respond in any sort of personal or angry way.

You could also ignore it, and hide those people's posts or consider dropping those folks from your friend list if you think they are being hateful.

People can post whatever they want on their Facebook page.  You don't have to agree with it.  I pretty much ignore those, or if the posts are particularly plentiful, annoying, or offensive, change their feed settings or hide them, maybe even unfriend.  It's rare I post an opposing view or get into a discussion over it. 

If someone said something and I was standing right there, I would probably call them on it and address the situation -- "Is there something you wish to discuss with me?" or "That's not how it happened," or whatever the thing is they said.  It's pretty rude to talk about you like that. 

If someone is talking about you within earshot, a simple throat clearing can be very effective.


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