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This is probably random, but quick.  I wanted to gauge how good an idea this was.

There's a forum I go to that is primarily German, and the webmasters are in Germany, but due to the subject matter, it tends to attract a lot of English speaking users.  It's basically where a group of a few people post exclusive software music plugins, like synthesizers and effects.

I was wanting to know, how good of an idea is it to thank them in German?  I mean, the board's language is default German, and they each understand English somewhat, but I really like some of their works and feel like it'd be better if I showed thanks by saying "Danke," instead of "Thanks!"

Good or bad idea? :)

I think it would be fine. If you want, you could even use both "Danke. Thanks."

I think it's very nice from an etiquette perspective, but I would worry that if you do that, people on the site will think you actually speak German and try to address you that way in other comments.  That could get awkward.

I like the idea of saying "danke and thanks" or maybe "Thank you very much! Danke!", something like that, that basically says you are respecting the language norms of the site but you can't continue the conversation in that language.

I think this is much less of an issue now that you can get pages automatically translated for you  :)

Maybe it's just me, but I never worry about hello/goodbye, please/thanks/you're welcome in most languages being thought of as weird to know.  I'd say Danke.


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