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What does 'guest' mean?

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What does it mean when a poster is a 'guest'. I notice that the founder of the 'what's for dinner' thread has that status, and one or two others as well. What does it mean? Just curious.

I always thought that a "guest" was someone who did not sign up for an account on ehell but visits the forum, but maybe I'm wrong because I thought guests couldn't post.

They're no longer a member of EHell - banned or account deleted for some reason.

Look at the date of the Dinner thread.  It's pretty old, so she's not here anymore.

I think both Nyachan and Dotty are correct.

A guest is somebody reading the forums who doesn't have an account or isn't logged into their account, hence the "2 members and 6 guests are reading this thread" stuff.

And also, if someone has been posting but then has their account deleted for some reason, any posts they have made or threads they have started will show as having been done by "guest". 

That's what it seems like to me, anyway.  Guests can't post as guests, but if a member becomes a guest, their posts will say "guest".

The Opinionator:
The Dame mentioned recently she was deleting any accounts that had been inactive for a certain period of time (3 years, I think) . The posts stay, but the posters can't log into their accounts any more.

Link to the post:


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