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Possible promotion problems UPDATE & DETAILS #5

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To clarify things without giving away too much, I am a teacher at a rather large school district.  The position is a Team Leader for a special year-long program for freshman students (most of our classes are block scheduling).  The program is under evaluation and may, after next year, be scrapped and integrated with the rest of the semester-long classes.  This would make the promotion irrelevant.

I sent this email to my boss this afternoon (she and I are alike in our inability to enjoy our weekends work-free):  "I have one major question.  Is 9th Grade Academy going away after this upcoming year?  Is there a possibility of it surviving if the new teachers on the team make an impact?  Any information or insight you might have would be helpful.  Iím still leaning heavily toward that 'yes', but I am pondering all things."

Thankfully, she was very forthcoming that there is a chance the program will end and that it is currently under evaluation.  The change in staffing, however, is one of the things they are testing.  As she put it, "Yes, I am a firm believer that good teaching makes a huge difference for students. :) "  I'll take that as a compliment.

The problem will now lie in talking with the former Team Leader.  Honestly, I want her input.  She's done this job for a couple of years at this point, and I have never taught freshman (just seniors and 7th graders).  However, I don't want to give her the impression that I was brought in either as a last-ditch effort or as an attempt to reboot the program.  She will find out in August at the latest, but I'd rather discuss it with her over the summer so we can meet in person and talk openly about what worked and what didn't.

Given this update, I'd ask another question. Start off with the fact that you hope the program can be turned around, but if it doesn't achieve what the powers that be want, what would happen to you? Would you be out of a job, returned to your former position, or something else?

Even if the program ends in a year, the leadership experience might be good on your resume. Stepping in like this can show you are a team player, and get you consideration for future leadership roles. All sorts of good things could come from this. But you need to know what the downside could be, as well.

I would not be out of a job if the program was ended.  Worst case scenario, I'd be back in my old position or one comparable to it (I'd probably stay with the freshmen and not go back to my current seniors).  My boss knows that I'm aiming for a leadership role, and I think that, worst case scenario, this would be a step toward that goal.

Hmmm... sounds like an opportunity to shine. If you like a challenge with a little bit of risk, then I'd take it. Since your actual job is safe, the risk is pretty low.

If you take this job you might have a hard time to get people on board, but it would give you a chance to show your leadership potential.
If you don't take it, will you have some other leadership position or just your regular teaching?


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