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Confusing response from big boss - update #21

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I agree with most of the above stating that he likely didn't read through the whole thing or he misunderstood the content in some way. I think this demonstrates one of the very important reasons to put clear and specific subject lines in your emails, especially when those emails are being sent to higher ups. Rather than "we're not alone" a better option would have been "Update on xyz System Issues". Then, right away the big boss would know what you were talking about, even if he didn't read the whole thing.

Or maybe "new info on that problem"

 I like the idea of creating the framework in which you wat the message to be seen.

(it all gets very tiring, doesn't it?)

No new developments so far...

Everyone has pretty much just let it slide (even those who asked me "What does he mean by that?").  Big boss was traveling and then we had a major physical move of our department.  Big boss came by to tour our new areas but did not say anything about the subject.

So I guess we'll just let sleeping dogs lie.  There is a group meeting next week (Big boss not attending).  I'm thinking that it won't come up.

So the original incident that I described here died a quiet death with nothing more said about it.

Today I sent the following e-mail to big boss following up on his request that we meet tomorrow or Friday:

--- Quote ---Would you have a time to meet tomorrow to discuss the [TCP Reports]?  My time is most flexible tomorrow.  On Friday I am having lunch with friends but can schedule a time before or after that.
--- End quote ---

He had the supervisor "speak to" me about including too much personal information in the e-mail. He has also not responded with a time to meet.  I included the lunch info because sometimes he does schedule meetings at noon.

Is this justified or am I dealing with a crazy person?

He doesn't care why you are unavailable, ie lunch with friends and to a lesser degree, whether you can change your plans.  You should have just said, "I am unable on Friday from x to y time." 


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