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Unpleasantness Evaded


It bugs me when people ask me to "Like" their pages, whether I've seen them or not.  If I like something, I'll click the "Like" button.  Yesterday, a family member said, "You should like my page."  Not a super big offense, but it seems rude to me.  I nodded and asked if such-and-such event was still going to happen, and the conversation moved on from there.  No awkwardness here!  :)

I agree completely.

I think a good stock phrase would be "I'll take a look. Beandip?"*

Also for people I've de-friended/blocked on FB, when they ask me in person about it, my go-to phrase is "I'll have to check my settings.  You know Facebook: always changing how their settings work."

*And this is coming from someone who really dislikes conversational bean dip.

Mental Magpie:
I like the noncommittal answer as a means of beandip.  "I'll have to take a look." is a good one, as mentioned above.


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