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Large family vehicles in Europe

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An additional thing about shipping a vehicle to the UK, you usually have to go to the port to get it.   I've only known them to come into Portsmouth , and that's a long, long way from Menwith Hill.

There are quite a lot of vehicles which seat up to 7, although I am sure they are smaller than you are used to.

But I'd think that trying to manoeuvre a left-hand drive American-sized van around UK roads and car-parks wouldn't be a good idea anyway, if you want to keep your stress levels down.

My family had a Renault station wagon with 3 rows of seats and could bring up to 8 people. It was quite long but had the same width of every other car. I suggest too that you get a UK car. I saw some US cars in Europe and often they where so wide they couldn't fit properly in parking spots or garages.

I'm in London. My friend an old Seat Alhambra and my uncle has an old Renault Espace, which are both virtually the same 7-seater. There are plenty of second-hand and new 7-seaters available as far as I know. I would recommend the Autotrader site if you're looking for a car.

DH is currently involved in importing a motorbike which is a total headache so I suggest it would be much easier to buy a UK car if you get here.

The thing I would flag up to you is the new law that says that children under 12 or under 135cm tall have to use car seats or booster seats

Thanks, everybody, that helps a lot to know what the choices would be!  My husband pulled up some photos of the cars that you all mentioned, and it does look workable.  We'd have to look into how much we'd lose by buying when we arrived and selling just two years later, but it might be worth it versus the hassle of having to import a vehicle, especially when dealing with narrow roads and the driver's seat being on the wrong side.

Thanks for mentioning the car seat law, Daisy!  My kids are young enough that they legally have to have car seats here as well, anyway (my oldest is 6, and while some states only require them until age 8, she's on the small side and I'll probably stick with the more conservative use of the booster until at least age 10 or so, depending on how she grows and stuff).  12 is definitely a lot higher than here!  I think even the most conservative states here only require them until 10, and many only until age 8.


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