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First bread machine use - uh-oh, overflow!

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Or you could try putting less than normal in the pan and covering with foil. 
We prefer a good solid crust, so I can't give you too much advice on minimizing it.

Are you still making a 1.5 times batch of dough?  Do you proof your bread before you put it in the oven?  I second the idea to make rolls from some extra dough.  You can also freeze a little bit of dough for later if you don't want rolls.

King Arthur Flour sells yeast by the pound bag:

I keep some in the refrigerator, and the rest in the freezer. 

ooooh, that looks great.  Why did I never think to look there?  I've even been to the website. 
And, "cake enhancer" and "bread salt" ... Who would have thought?


On a related note, pizza dough comes out nice from the bread machine.  You have to remember to let it rest after you divide it out into round lumps.  Don't remember what it does, but the rest improves the handling. 


--- Quote from: MommyPenguin on June 26, 2013, 09:32:49 PM ---Out of curiosity, what's the advantage of doing the bread from scratch?  I do have a Kitchenaid, but while it technically has a dough hook, my husband has asked me firmly *not* to ever attempt to use it to knead bread, because of the amount of wear it puts on the machine.  I was hoping that with the bread machine, I could just measure and dump in the ingredients, then go do other stuff (I homeschool and I have four children, so doing a lot of kneading and such every day wouldn't be likely to happen).  I even thought about maybe making some pre-measured bags of the dry ingredients that I could just dump in every day and then add the wet ingredients on top.  Hmm, I guess that wouldn't work with the yeast needing to be refrigerated now that it's open.

The yeast is actually very fresh, as I just bought it last night!  It's one of those little jars of Fleischmann's and it's actually "bread machine" yeast.  I thought that would be a good thing.  I'm a little new at this, though!

I could definitely try to do 1.5 times the recipe, it just makes the math a little more complicated, especially when it comes to that 1/3 cup.  :)  But it does sound reasonable, so I guess I'll try it!

--- End quote ---

I have a 20+ year old Kitchenaid that I use to knead bread dough all the time and it's still going strong. The only problem is that larger batches of dough try to climb the dough hook and crawl out of the bowl. Still, it beats kneading the stuff by hand and I think the texture ends up being superior to what I get from my (unused in years) bread machine.

The problem with baking bread in the bread machine is that when the baking cycle starts the dough is in a cold oven. The heating process cooks the outer layer of dough before getting hot enough to bake the interior so you end up with a thicker, heavier crust. (Not necessarily a bad thing, but maybe not what you're looking for.) With a preheated oven the exterior isn't exposed to the heat as long so you'll get a thinner crust.

The premeasured bags of dry ingredients are a great idea. Go ahead and prep them and add the yeast to them and keep the bags in the fridge so the wee beasties stay in hibernation.


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