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Giada De Laurentiis has class.

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--- Quote from: lowspark on June 28, 2013, 03:53:28 PM ---I don't think it's condoning it as much as it is saying, "it's none of my business." I really don't where see someone like Giada has a dog in this race. I can't see it benefiting her in any way to comment. It can only hurt her. Are we asking every celebrity cook to comment on this? Make a judgment without knowing all the facts? Because really, I can't imagine Giada or any other celebrity knows anything more about this than we do and that's what they've read in the media.

Regarding her ratings on the food network, I read that in the Wall Street Journal.

--- End quote ---

Re: the bolded part:

I think the original article says that she's getting some pressure from fans because Paula's time slots are being filled with Giada's shows.

And that's her fault?  I seriously doubt that Giada went to the network and said "awesome! there's an opening, can I have it?"  No, I suspect it had more to do with her ratings and the number of shows they have to work with.  Sunny may be a lot of fun to watch, but she just doesn't have a ton of shows to fill her own slots and that of another yanked show.

No, it's not her fault. I never said it was. I was just re-communicating what the pressure was all about.


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