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Flying alone with a baby


pearls n purls:
My FIL had a sudden decline in health two weeks ago, and my dh was able to hop a plane and arrive in time to say good-bye.  I needed to fly solo with the baby to join him.  I had never flown with a baby before, and I was nervous about doing it alone.

My sister and bil donated some airline miles so I could purchase seats for both of us for the price of a single ticket so I didn't have to have her in my lap.

When boarding, the baby was screaming.  I was worried that passengers would be afraid the baby would be screaming the whole flight and were unhappy to see us.  I was having trouble carrying the car seat with the baby in it over the heads of seated passengers (very narrow aisle) plus my carry-on. 

A man almost immediately came to me, asked what row we were in and carried the baby to our seats.  Another woman held the baby while I buckled in the car seat base.  I was told I was doing a great job.  Passengers nearby told stories of when they had to travel with infants.  I was also offered assistance while deplaning.

The baby fell asleep before we took off and was either asleep or content for the entire trip.

I was really touched by the amount of people who either helped or had kind words.

How nice!  People really do surprise you sometimes, huh?

Layla Miller:
That's so wonderful!  It's stories like these that help me feel optimistic when I feel like I'm surrounded by selfish, uncaring people.  There are plenty of good ones out there, too, aren't there?  :)

That's fantastic. It's not often that you hear a baby travel story go this way--thanks for posting it!


That's so sweet!  I'm sorry for your loss.


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