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"No, thank you" is my favorite new phrase

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Mental Magpie:
I have been using this phrase lately and am quite happy with the results.  I always say it as if I've been offered a glass of water and make sure to have a friendly yet slight smile on my face.

My mom: "You shouldn't put that there, it doesn't look nice" said in a condescending tone.
Me: "No, thank you."
The conversation ended there and I didn't get angry.

Coworker: "Tell him to come down here now."
Me: "No, thank you."
She just stared at me, scoffed, and turned away.  I could have JADE'd, I could have explained that I wasn't going to tell another coworker to walk 20 yards so the the first coworker could yell at him, but I just politely declined to play that game.

Lady At Grocery Store: "I need that!  Give it to me."
Me: "No, thank you."
She said something very not nice to me but I needed the darned thing, too.  It's hot and my dogs want to play in the water (I will get pictures up soon!  I got them a kiddy pool!)

It's quite nice, this new phrase.  Well, the phrase isn't new, but me using it with good results is.  I was nervous to use it but it has been serving me well!

I wish I could 'like' a post.  I love your examples and think I just found a new to me favourite phrase too.

A friend of mine uses that on her young children and it works quite well. I like the idea of using it on adults who are acting inappropriately.

Ooh I like this! What are they going to reply with, "I wasn't asking, I was ordering!"

Also a kiddie pool for dogs is a hilariously good idea. One of these days I'm going to buy one of those things just for me.

Mental Magpie:
People really don't know how to respond to it so they usually wind up saying nothing.  I'm glad I finally found the gumption to say it.  It feels so gooooooood.

I've known a lot of dogs to like them, so I tried for my dogs despite them not really being a water-liking breed.  Apparently that doesn't matter with these 2.


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