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"No, thank you" is my favorite new phrase

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It's so funny that this is up today.  I was at my favorite brewery yesterday and it was packed.  So I was sharing a table with a few other mug memebers that I knew around from the brewery.  I got cold, and went to my car to grab my wrap.  When I got back, A seated to my left said, "if you need warming up I hear I'm good at that." To which I replied no thank you.  He had no response after that, and left after that.

I never thought much about it but I do the same thing all the time. "No, thank you" really is the perfect reply to so many situations.

I've used this for years!  I always say it in a very polite tone and with a smile on my face so it often throws people off their game.  They honestly don't know how to respond to it.  I use it even when it doesn't make sense to the conversation.   (as in, when people aren't asking but ordering) 

It truly is a helpful phrase.  Glad you discovered it! :D 


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