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Favorite cold dish ideas?

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Layla Miller:
Next month I'm going to my nephew's birthday party, which is potluck--the invitation requests a "cold dish to share."  I assume this doesn't necessary mean cold cold, but just anything that doesn't require heat.  They've got fruit and vegetable trays, beverages, and dessert planned, so I'm trying to come up with something good that will go nicely with that.  It's at lunchtime, too, so I'm hoping to find something filling enough to work as part of a meal.  So far the best I've come up with is some kind of sweetbread like banana bread, but I wanted to throw it open to Etiquette Hell and its fabulous cooks.  :)

So what do you take to a picnic that everyone raves about?  Recipes appreciated but optional; I'm not afraid of doing some research to find my own!

I would go with something that could be eaten warm or cold, like mini quiches or tarts.
Or maybe something like Pizza Scrolls? They are nice and filling and could be eaten warm or cold. I dont have a recipe, but they would be easy enough to find.

I love these:

Also sour cream dip in bread (affectionatly known as cob in my circles) always goes down well. The basic recipe is sour cream, frozen spinach and spring vegetable soup powder all mixed together, then you hollow out a sourdough/ bread loaf of your choice and serve it in that.

Maybe something like Pasta salad would work? Also filling but can be served cold. I am a fan of the classic smoked salmon one.
Sauce: olive oil, lemon juice, dill, one brown onion finely chopped
Add sauce to cooked pasta along with one large red onion cut into rings and as much smoked salmon as you can afford cut into small pieces.
Mix all together.

There are also cheaper/ alternative versions of pasta salad that you could use!

Gazpacho. (I think my recipe is the best. :P) You'd just have to have a secure container to transport it.

Bacon potato salad.

Red potatoes boiled in salt and vinegar water. Red onion. Spring onion. Cheese cut in cubes and mayonnaise. Bacon fried and diced. Served on a bed of lettuce.

Outdoor Girl:
There is a wild rice salad recipe that I posted in this folder more than once.  You'd have to be able to keep it cold for transport, though.


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