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Cocktail party at Lakehouse, everyone brings a dish to share and drin sare sold to eanr money for the HOA.

I have no ideas .... I am just can't think of anything:

Finger Food - people are milling around outside
Relatively easy - I am a good cook - butdopn't want to assemble a bunch of finicky things - mini sandwiches / spiral rolls would be OK.
Hearty - there are 4 of us and I like to contribute something filling
No oven - have a grill, stovetop and fridge / freezer.
Kid / teen friendly - sometimes the kids starve at this ( its community wide ) or they fill up on chips

I did wings last year and they were OK, the boys want me to buy a big case of the ucrustables PB&J sandwiches and put them out.  Apprently these are a treasured snack item ( not doing that ! )

Pasta salad incolves plates and forks - but I might do that with little cups to serve it in....

Any great ideas for you great party people ?

Black Delphinium:
Get those little phyllo cups( and fill with a meatball, or pasta salad, or potato sald, or mac and cheese? So, small and finger food ready, but not fiddly.

How many people are you serving? You said that there were 4 of you, but this is a pot-luck?

I was going to mention pigs in a blanket (cocktail smokey links rolled up in crescent rolls) but then noticed you don't have an oven. These store well in the fridge for several days and are good cold.

Kids want ucrustables, why not make your own PB&Js? Or just put out the ingredients so the kids can make their own . . . I know, I know, it just isn't the saaaame! ;D ::)

A hardy pasta salad . . . grill up some Italian sausage, let chill then cube it, add to your favorite pasta salad (I like the sausage with bow tie pasta, red onion, red & yellow peppers, chopped fresh brocolli. Dress with your favorite Italian dressing.)

Or simply grill up the Italian sausages (or polish or just plain hot dogs), cut them in 1/2 and serve with the 1/2-sized buns with condiments on the side. Or even with the sausages of your choice, you can slice them in 1-inch slices and serve with toothpicks . . . it all depends on your food service set-up.

Kids and adults love pimento and cheese spread. You can make finger sandwiches. I like pepperidge farms pumpernickle or oatmeal breads. I fill the sandwiches and then refridgerate covered for a couple of hours and then slice off the edges and cut the remaining piece into 4 fingers.  You can buy or make your spread just make sure to not use who that has too much mayo in the mix as it becoms soggy. You can also add sliced tomatos to the sandwiches.

I'm also fixated on gouda and arugula pesto sandwiches right now, but not sure how happy the kids would be with that.

Thanks - it is a cocktail party - no idea how many will come - but I typically bring a large dish.  I figure 4 people - each having 6 to 8 bites = 32 pieces to cover our plate.  I usually bring more than that though.

I just told my husband that I though I would do a mix of small sandwiches with = chicken salad ( local poultry farm has very good chicken salad ) - on onion rolls , my Mom's pimento cheese on little brioche rolls , and Italian coldcut ( sausages ) on small hoagie rolls.  I will also put out some nutella,  peanut butter and fluff, and PB & J sandwiches.

Everything can be prepped at home ( or purchased ) and I will make up sandwiches an hour or so later. 

Thanks everyone !


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