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Any Way I Can Make This Better?

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--- Quote from: Yarnspinner on July 01, 2013, 01:43:50 PM ---My boss says to let it blow over and if it doesn't he will talk to HOM.  Shall I let it go at that?

--- End quote ---

His reaction was really OTT.

Thank you, folks.  I don't know why, but having YOU tell me I wasn't out of line is more reassuring than having my own supervisor (with whom I am friends) tell me. 

It's been a long day......

Outdoor Girl:
You were fine.  HOM was a bacon-fed knave.

Makes me wonder if he was overreacting either because there was something in his office he didn't want anyone else to see or he was doing something he shouldn't have been when you were unable to get a hold of him.  The best defence is a good offence, in his mind.

The only part of my office that is mine is the locked drawer.  And even that, our AA has a spare key.  If someone came into my office to look for something they needed, the only way I'd be ticked is if they changed my chair in the process.  Takes me forever to get that thing back to where I want it when someone messes with it.

I wonder if he's trying to divert boss's attention from the fact that he (HOM) left early without permission?

I wouldn't worry about it. If he said anything again I'd reply "Boss told me to go get the bolt cutters out of the maintenance office. If you have a problem with that, take it up with boss." and I might add a "Stop harassing me about it." if I felt it necessary.

Joining the chorus - ignore his outburst, it was completely over the top.


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