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Things You're Letting Go Of

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I don't know about the rest of you, but I always manage to get myself involved in one project too many. Work, friends, family, church, taking care of my home, cooking healthy food, running a marathon, volunteering, crafting etc. I either do a half hearted job at several of those things or completely drop the ball on one thing and feel guilty about it.

This summer, I refuse to feel guilty. I deliberately dropped the ball on my back garden. Who cares if all my herbs dried and I never actually planted my tomatoes? And if those rose bushes die too, it'll be easier to rip them out this fall. I've got plenty of friends with green thumbs who love to share surplus and if not, then there's always farmer's markets and the grocery store.

What are you willing to let go of to keep your life more sane?

In January, I closed my book website down. It had been around for seven years with multiple writers and a managing editor. But it also took every weekend of those seven years and most weeknights. In September 2012 I talked it over with my editor and decided to shut it down. It was a long and painful decision because I really loved it. But I had mourned it for nearly a year (during which I lost my father and my job) so when the actual time came I was not just relieved but very, very happy. I am thrilled I had the wonderful experience I did, but I do not miss it at all.

I let go of:

* horseriding: too expensive, too stressful
* a lot of 'friends': who have not been true friends and who I don't miss at all
My life feels much freer and less heavy!

Church, I'm embarrassed to say  :-[  I'm desperately trying to get my book done and I've got two kids under age five at home right now, so I just don't have time to get roped into volunteering for things.  We're kind of split between two churches anyway (one small and dying but DH likes it, and one large and vibrant but DH doesn't feel as comfortable there and we can't join because neither of us were baptized into that denomination) and until recently, that meant getting asked by BOTH churches to get more involved.  As much as I'd like to say I'm doing something, right now I need to focus on my family and my book and maybe once Babybartfast is older or the book is done or I win the lottery and can hire a maid, then I can get back to over-taxing myself with volunteering for things . . .

Entertaining. We had these great visions of hosting fabulous pool parties and our house being the gathering spot for friends and neighbors. The problem is, having tons of people over to swim in your pool is a lot of WORK! And I tend to put so much pressure on myself to provide a good meal, snacks, entertainment, towels, comfy seating, a clean house, etc. etc. It's exhausting, and I don't enjoy myself.

I'm an introvert, so socializing in general wears me out. My job is stressful, so I need down time on the weekends to decompress and reconnect with my family. Combined with the above, I was making myself miserable last summer!

So, this summer, we've used the pool for ourselves. We are not hosting our "annual" 4th of July bash, and I couldn't be happier.


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