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Sign of Disrepair

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The thread about signs seemed like it had been dormant too long now to add to.

In books, on TV, etc, sometimes signs become funny because they're in disrepair and therefore conveying a completely different message. (And yes, maybe some of the real life funny signs got funny in the same way.)

In Sarah Shankland's short story called (ironically enough) Real Life, people who have been called for jury duty observe that the words "In God We Trust," are on the courtroom wall...except that there is no G. ;D

So the message now depends on whether you believe "od" without the "G" is pronounced as if it had 2 d's, as if it had an "e" on the end, or by just saying the letters.  ;D Given that it was a New York criminal court, the last one is sadly, probably a propos.

Around Christmas we went up to Lowe's to get some tape since my camera at the time had a bum latch on it so I was having to duct tape the thing closed.  Needless to say I was very glad to find DH got me a new Canon camera for Christmas so I could pitch the other one.  (Nikon Coolpix cameras are notorious I learned for having a week latch on the battery compartment)

But on this day the "L" in Lowe's was burnt out so it just said "OWE'S" which made me chuckle, considering how much some people can end up spending in there.

This is probably very common but it still makes me smile.

A local home improvement place was slightly damaged some years ago in a hurricane.  The 'T' in the sign 'Hardware and Paint'.  The loss gave a very different impression of the business.

This next one wasn't an impaired sign.  It was just truth in advertising.  There was a business in Greenwich Village with a big sign that said, 'Piercings performed with or without pain'. 

Our Kmart has been a Kart for sometime now. Not the funniest in the world, but considering how many carts are in the lot at any given time due to staff cutbacks...

A social club I pass on my way to work had a sign that read "Free pool on Fridays," meaning there was no charge to shoot pool.  However, some joker must've stolen the "L" in "pool" because it was missing.  ;D 


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