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Sign of Disrepair

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The local DSW Shoes had the first four letters burned out on their sign.  I didn't know we had a local place to shop for that!   ;D

I saw a Citizens Bank whose sign had the C, I, T, I and S burned out, so it said "Zen Bank." All I could think of was the second punchline in the joke about the Zen master and the hot dog vendor: "Change comes from within."*

There was an Armed Forces Recruiting Center near me whose sign had the "ruiting" burned out. I pictured all these young guys thinking it was a "Rec Center," coming in for a game of pool or pingpong and winding up enlisted.

*The first punchline is "Make me one with everything."

Julia Mercer:
At the Tim Hortons just down the road from DH and I, at night, the letters I, M, H, O, R, T are all burnt out, so everytime we drive by there, I mention that it is now TONS instead of Tim Hortons

Lady Snowdon:
I grew up in a subdivision known as Golden Meadows.  My sophomore year of college, first trip back home, I noticed that the "G" had peeled off, leaving the place to be known as "Olden Meadows".  I asked my parents (who have now lived there for 20+ years) how they felt about living in Olden Meadows.  They were not amused.  I sure was, though!

I should note, as well, that when I was growing up there, it was mostly younger couples raising kids in the subdivision.  We had hundreds of kids for Halloween, and there were always kids out playing in the street or biking somewhere.  Now, my mom tells me she maybe gets 15 kids at Halloween, and I almost never see kids out playing when I visit.  So it has aged...

There's an old restaurant in the Beaches area of Toronto that has a neon sign that says GOOD FOOD, but the first D and the OOD in FOOD burnt out back in the 50s (or 60s - a while ago, anyway!). It's been known affectionately as the "GOOF" for decades - in fact, when they recently replaced the sign they intentionally made it read GOOF. :)


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