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Help for older dog?

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My poor Girl-Dog is getting old and has some health problems. Overall, her quality of life is really good. She can make it up and down the stairs, she loves to go sniffing around the back yard, and when she's up for it and the weather isn't so hot and humid, we still manage to go for (shorter) walks around the neighborhood. I can tell when she's having an off day because she won't follow me up and down the stairs as much but still has many more good days and none that seem really bad.

The biggest problem is that she's having a hard time with her bladder. The vet thinks she probably has Cushing's disease but because of her age - she's 13 - we've decided to not put her through any more tests or to treat her.  She's always drunk a lot of water, especially in the summer, but now she drinks even more. She's been having accidents in the house, some just "leaks" sometimes when she's in a deep sleep but others so bad I needed 3 towels to clean the floor.  Dh and I have been trying to arrange our schedules so that she doesn't have to go a full day without a potty run but sometimes it's difficult. I never thought I'd be one of those people who couldn't go somewhere because of the dog but here I am. Dh is going to a 4th of July parade with friends tonight and I might be going to a barbeque alone tomorrow so that our girl won't be home alone too long and also because the fireworks really bother her.

I've never had a dog with an incontinence problem before and would be so grateful for any strategies. I'm even wondering if doggie diapers might be a solution an insurance just in case she has an accident but she's got lots of fur and it sound messy.  Any other ideas?

I'm afraid I don't have a lot of good advice even though I have been there with one of my own late dogs.

I didn't find a cure or solution either. I just... mopped a lot. It was part of my life for several years.

I just knew and accepted that if I was going to be away from home for longer than half a day, or if I slept a bit longer than usual, I was going to end up mopping. It wasn't /fun/ of course, and many people will have found it disgusting, but to me it became just one of those things like taking out the trash and doing dishes.

It's been years and I still miss that dog.

Maybe some people can help you, checking in on the dog if you have to be away from home for a little longer than she usually manages to stay dry? In any case, if possible keep her in a part of the house that's easy to clean.

Do you crate her during the day?

My SIL's geriatric dog (15 years old next month!) has started to have some incontinence issues.  SIL crates her dog when she is t work, and lines the crate with "piddle pads" that you can get for puppies who are just being housetrained.   That way if there is an accident, SIL just has to throw out the pad, and there is no mopping or other cleaning to do.

I had a dog who began having bladder control problems due to medication she had to take for a horrible skin disease she had.

At some point you have to consider that maybe her quality of life isn't so bad, but YOUR quality of life is important too.  That's where we ended up.   My carpets were ruined, the house smelled, and I was a basket case getting up in the middle of the night to see if she needed to go outside.  It was heart wrenching, but we couldn't go on like that.  We just couldn't.  So we made the difficult decision to have her put down.

That's the last thing anybody wants to do, but I think it's important to remember that if she had the ability to understand what YOU are going through, she wouldn't want you to live like that.  That's what I believe.

How big is the dog? Is the problem incontinence or that she can't wait that long? If it is that she can't wait can you try to litterbox train her? They have doggie litterboxes for small dogs. You could also try doggie diapers if she is too big for a litterbox or if the problem is leakage.


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