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Your gift was only $100

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--- Quote ---...just for the cocktail + reception alone the plate per person is 200$ (as per a normal wedding range with open bar is about...
--- End quote ---

I wonder where on earth this took place? I live in NYC - one of the most expensive cities in the country by many estimations - and just got married in October. My DH and I found dozens of truly elegant places where the per person cost of cocktail hour, and 3-5 course sit-down plated meal, plus 5 hours of top shelf open bar was between $90-125.

I could go on about "entitlement these days", but I won't. :)

One reader comment suggested "I wouldn't say anything but I'd post it on Facebook and tag her. She should be publicly embarrassed for that."

I have to wonder if this would be rude.

Well, I must be a rude SS for only giving $50 when that's all I could afford.

Some people's children...

I got married last September.  Most of our wedding gifts were cash.

We came nowhere near close to "covering" the cost of the day - and didn't expect to.  It was our decision to spend 12,000 on our wedding.  It was our decision to invite people based on our relationship to them, rather than wondering "who will give us what?"

Our gifts averaged around 100 and we were stunned with each card we opened!

We received some truly generous gifts - and I wrote individual thank you cards for each; I would never contact anyone to say their gift "wasn't good enough".  In fact, I appreciate the 25 received from my best friend from school (married to her teenage sweetheart, SAHM with three small children) more than the 500 we received from DH's rich cousin (and her richer husband), simply because I know the impact it (along with the five of them coming to the wedding 120 miles away from where they live) will have had on their finances.


I'm kind of laughing about this. It's just too ridiculous:
--- Quote ---I just want to know is there any reason or dissatisfaction of Mike's and I wedding
--- End quote ---

That is what I'd expect a waitress to say if she didn't get tipped!

I do kind of wonder if part of it is that the couple in question abused the open bar, which led to the high per plate cost? At my brother's wedding, some of his bro friends went a little overboard at the open bar and drank literally everything in the restaurant. My brother was not too happy about the bill (and about the bartenders who weren't refusing service!)


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