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Maiden voyage for my DIY Smoker! any suggestions?

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So this weekend I made my very own hot smoker. Any Home smokers here. suggestions for a first smoke?

I was thinking of doing chicken, will a full bird work? or am I better off with portions?

Any suggestions for a marinade or rub. I keep hearing about BBQ/smoker rubs but can't find a recipe.  I am in the UK and as far as I know home smoking is not a common thing.

eeeeeee I can't wait to get started.

We recently bought an electric smoker and love it.   It has a significant learning curve.  Do you have a place to get the wood chips?  Can you post a pic of your DIY smoker?

I highly recco you check out  They are VERY helpful, there are many DIY smokers and they have many great recipes and tips.   The key is PATIENCE b/c everything takes much longer depending on what it is.   My first pork butt took 5 hours.  Chicken wings took 2-3 hours.  A full chicken, depending on the weight can take quite awhile to ensure it is done.  You definitely need a temp gauge to ensure it is at proper temp fast enough. 

Just on Sunday, I did my first pulled pork, which took about 12 hours.  It might be a good maiden voyage to do a pork butt. 

My first attempt at Chicken wings, I was told they were the best people ever had!  I used this recipe:  I follwed the recipe as is... and drizzled the sauce on the hot smoked wings ... it stuck as if it was a sticky glaze.  They were AWESOME!

I like a good brisket or chuck roast, but a pork butt would be yummy too.

I pod the suggestion of and They are a great resources.

A UDS by any chance (Ugly Drum Smoker)?    If so, I would love to hear how it works for you!   DH says I don't need one, but I have been obsessing about one for quite some time.    ;D

Meanwhile, my vote, regardless of smoker type, is either ribs or a pork butt.   Mmmmm.    Smoked meat.    8)

Its actuality quite attractive, here is the design I based it on

If I can figure out how to post a Photo I will. Baby Girl has gone down for her nap so I might get my camera out.  ;D

Mine looks a bit classier  8) I got lucky and B&Q had a brassier stand on sale for 1 as the actual brassier had broken so I am not using bricks. Its still a terracotta pot and lid though.

I am also using a gas camping burner instead of electric. I am not comfortable pulling apart an electric hob to make it fit.

Here is what I am using the way it comes apart means the air feed hole is below the actual pot as it all fits nicely through the drainage hole because the burner section unscrews. It was meant to get here yesterday. The burner is the last bit of the puzzle before I can start smoking. It arrived as I was typing this eeeee!!!!  ;D

I've got wood from B&Q they have Jack Denials wood  ??? (yes the whiskey) so I will use that the first time. I haven't found a 'brick and mortar' that stocks wood chips for BBQ/Smocking specifically beyond the JD wood at B&Q.

I have seen the odd sack of split wood for fire places but without knowing the species I don't want to try it. I haven't seen any warnings but I don't want to inadvertently poison anyone.

As long as it all works well, I will order wood on line and get it delivered once th JD wood is used.

I told DH people are suggesting pork butt and with how is eyes light up I think that it is diffidently going to be out first Smoke.

ohh and Lynnv with the way I did it there was no tools required it was just get parts and put them together. You could be sneaky and buy the parts and not tell him it's a smoker untill you present him with yummy smokyness and who could complain about that?

"what this pot? I want some flowers."
"This burner is for camping I like camping."
"This rack? its' just a cooling rack. I need it for colling stuff."
"ohh look what I made and with stuff we already had! aren't I clever  >:D"


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