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My Coworker is a Hero

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Outdoor Girl:
He was out with his wife and kids, his sister and nephew in their boat last night.  As they were coming back to their dock, they decided to slow down and troll, in hopes of catching something.  They noticed a boat going in circles.  And when they looked closer, there was a small child in the boat, screaming, a woman and another child in the water.  The boat kept going over the two in the water!

They got close, his sister made a perfect throw with the rescue rope and he gunned his boat to get the woman and child out of the way.  Then they got them in their boat.  They headed to shore to get some help with the runaway boat.  A neighbour got his jet ski out and managed to get inside the circle of the boat while my coworker ran his boat between the runaway and a rock island, trying to make enough waves to keep the runaway from hitting it.  The neighbour managed to get the child to turn off the key.

The kids are fine.  The woman, who turned out to be their grandmother, likely spent the night in hospital.  She was pretty banged up because whenever the boat came around, she was shoving her grandson down under the water and taking the hit herself.  Fortunately, she didn't get hit by the prop.

The parents weren't even there, yet.  They came in from the airport as all this was going on.  What a way to start your vacation and a long way from home, to boot!  Coworker was so thankful that they decided to troll a bit.  If they hadn't, they might not of seen the runaway and it could have been a very different outcome.

Wow the grandmother and kids were lucky your coworker and his family had such cool heads.

Outdoor Girl:
He's still pretty jacked up on adrenaline - didn't get much sleep last night.  He commutes an hour so I hope he makes it home OK tonight!

Oh my goodness, that's so scary. Thank goodness your coworker was there!

The family was so lucky. Your coworker is obviously a well prepared boater.


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