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I remember a mushroom recipe that was posted here (I think it was mentioned a couple of times.) I thought I put it in my "save" links, and did an extensive search in this topic to no avail.  . . .

If I remember correctly, there was wine involved. Also, the important thing was the long cook time. Recipe writer said that it tastes good after X amount of time, but wait! After XX amount of time it is sooo much better.

Could somebody please help me find this recipe?

P.S. if you find the recipe by searching, please let me know what you searched for. Thanks. ;D

Was it this (see post 6014):

Here is the original recipe:

You are AWESOME! Amara!

How on earth did you find that?

I never would have thought to look at "This Might Be a Stupid Question" thread . . . I thought for sure the recipe was posted in the "Recipe" thread.

Thank You! ;D ;D ;D

You are most welcome. I figured you had searched the recipe thread so it wasn't there. Food discussions have been sprinkled throughout a lot of discussions so a search for "mushrooms" turned up quite a few. Reading the one sentence from each told me that many were irrelevant but when I came across the one where a long cooking time was mentioned I knew that was likely it. And it was.

I recalled the recipe when it was first linked because while I have no doubt it is delicious I gagged at the amount of butter called for. (I wonder if you could cut that down to one quarter of what she listed?)

At any rate, I enjoyed using my Holmes' skills. Enjoy! 

Harriet Jones:
I've heard that many of PW's recipes actually call for too much butter ...


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