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That looks amazing!

I made those for Thanksgiving. To be honest, my entire house smelling like red wine for NINE solid hours made me feel nauseous. I didn't end up having any (already had a head cold and the wine fumes were still making me nauseous) but my guests liked them.

*edited because the wine fumes made me forget how many hours of wine fumes there were*

On the comments section on the Pioneer Woman's page, some folk say they want to try it in a crockpot.  I'd HAVE to do it that way if I did it for a holiday, due to oven availability and stove top availability. 

I just really wanted to comment because it seems the different things a crockpot can be coerced into doing for me are endless.  Last weekend I rendered beef fat in mine.  I stuck it on a jelly roll pan (just in case things overflowed) on top of my clothes dryer, in the wash room.  So, my whole house didn't smell of beef fat overnight.  It worked beautifully, and I will do it again.  I was trying a home made bird suet recipe, and I made 16 blocks of peanut buttery wonderfulness that the birds line up to chow down on!

I've also read of people using it to make home made yogurt.  I want to try that one too!


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