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My husband and our younger child and I were out, and decided to stop at a little ice cream shop to get a cone for the kid. There was a play area there. We got in line but the little one ran off, so my husband said he'd stand in line and I should get her and have her look at the ice cream choices. I went to get her while he waited in line. Meanwhile, a family with several children showed up, and the kids kind of pushed in front of my husband to get a look at the ice cream choices, which didn't seem like a problem. I came and told our daughter to look at the ice cream and find the one she liked, and one of the other kids said to his mom that we were cutting. The mom said that they were first and we were just looking at the ice cream, and my husband said, no that WE were first and he'd been standing in line before they came in, but her kids went in front of him to look at the ice cream options.

So then it was our turn but the woman said no, it was their turn. My husband got pushy and said no we'd been waiting longer and was pretty forceful. He said later that he wouldn't have minded if we'd just have to make the little one wait behind one kid getting a cone, but to make her wait behind several kids didn't seem fair.

Later, while the kids were all playing in the play area, the mom approached us and said that she really thought they were first and we should have waited, and again my husband said he'd been waiting in line before she even got there. She seemed to question it (Maybe she didn't see my husband? He was right there, but I imagine she was focused on her kids) but then said that even if he had been in line, that if our daughter and I weren't also in line, then we weren't in line as a group, and we all should have waited. My husband said that was silly and he waits in line for us as a family all the time.

So is it OK for one parent to wait in line or should all of us have waited?

I think your DH was fine. She must be used to allowing her kids to push in front of other people. I can't believe that she approached you after the fact and complained again. Special snowflake!

I think it can be nuanced. Waiting in lines when he aleady knows what you want is different then eaiting in line and having you and dd come up toward the end to choose what you want.

Regardless, he was in line and did not deserve to have them cut in front of him.

You were fine. it's not like your DH waited in line, then held it up to order until you joined him. It sounds like no matter how many of you were in line, and whether he ordered with or without you, it would have been the same number of cones.  The other mom sounds rude, and I do think she lets her kids get away with that all the time.

She was still harping on it after? My goodness, what a SS.  Did she even bother to question her children and if she did and they said they were first, well, look where they get it.   You guys were fine. 


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