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White Dragon:
I didn't want to derail the face cloth thread so I thought I'd spin this off.

In a couple of weeks,  Mr Dragon and I will be touring in Scotland. We will mostly be saying at guest-houses and inns and be in fairly small communities.

In all the Canadian and US hotels we have stayed in, small toiletry items are placed in the rooms for guest use: usually soap, shampoo and conditioner, but sometimes other items as well.

Should we expect the same in Scotland or should we bring our own?
We don't have a preference, but I'd like to be prepared.

From the other thread, I now know to bring a couple of face clothes, so I'm glad I checked!

There will certainly be soap, but I wouldn't expect shampoo and conditioner unless you are staying at 4* places.

Bring your own, just to be on the safe side. 

Unless the place is really out in the country, a pharmacy will probably be available to pick up whatever you may have forgotten.

Either pack your own, or be prepared to purchase at a pharmacy or grocery store. Our experience from a guest house in Ireland, they provided soap, but it was in a wall mounted dispenser by the sink. And not easy to reach from the shower. And some guest houses and B&Bs have shared bathrooms...so your own toiletries are really best. We were told this is all pretty common in the UK/Ireland at smaller hotels, inns and B&Bs.

Bring your own toiletries as only soap will be provided unless you're staying somewhere expensive.  There will be towels but probably no facecloths.

Don't bother bringing your toiletries over from the US- just pick up shower gel, shampoo and conditioner over here. You probably won't need to go to a pharmacy to get them as they are available in supermarkets, convenience stores and even some petrol (gas) stations.

In a basic B&B you can expect a nice clean room, comfy bed, bathroom with bath or shower (either shared or en suite, you pay more for en suite) soap, towels, usually a TV and definitely tea making facilities (kettle, cups, teabags, instant coffee, sugar and small pots of UHT milk)

You can also expect an fantastic cooked breakfast!


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