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S/O Facecloths- hotel amenities

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If they are B&B type places you'll need to bring your own but I've never had an issue getting a fash washer in Scotland in the past few years!

I've only seen the small bottles of shampoo and those little soaps in sealed bags from 'real' hotels. Go high end and there could also be shower caps, comb, even razors...
This summer I was in mostly youth hostels, when there's soap or shampoo it's mostly that a previous guest left it in the shared bathrooms.
We once had soap and shampoo but it was an en suite bathroom and I don't think those were free. We didn't use them anyway, for ten days we each had a small piece of soap and small bottle of shampoo. With up to two showers a day we were still good in the end.

Are you sure you'll get towels tho? (I'm not familiar with b&b and guesthouses either - just that you'd have to rent them in youth hostels).
We traveled with those sport/camping micro fiber towels. Light to pack, dry quickly, but don't make a really good job at towelling/absorbing water. Still, better than nothing in a pinch. but we were on a budget, renting them is less hassle I guess when you can.

You'll get towels at a B&B but not at a hostel.


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