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kids and swimming lessons

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--- Quote from: BigBadBetty on July 09, 2013, 12:01:19 PM ---I live in suburbia, Midwest, USA.

My high school had an indoor pool. I think all of the neighboring high schools did, too. The high schools all had swim teams. Swimming was a unit in high school gym classes which were mandatory for at least 2.5 years (I think). The community recreation group used the pool for swimming lessons for younger kids. These classes had a small fee for residents of our city. We did not have a community outdoor pool, but the neighboring communities did. There was also a YMCA a few suburbs away.

My parents paid for me and my sister to have swimming lessons when we were young. I hated them at the time, but I am so glad I had them.

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Same for me, in Wisconsin. My middle school also had a pool, so we had lessons there, too. There were year-round swim lessons you could take, too. Sadly, even with all those lessons, I'm still a bad swimmer. I'd love to learn, but there's nowhere around for adults to take lessons. >:(

In the UK swimming is part of the National Curriculum, so by law it's compulsory. Most UK schools bus kids to the nearest public pool though; they don't have their own.

My school (in the 90s) had its own pool when I first started, but I think the roof collapsed or something. All through the rest of school we got a coach to the local pool.

When I was at school, we had swimming lessons from the age of 8 till 12. Bussed to the local swimming pool. I'm in the U.K btw. These swimming lessons were quite expensive, and were not very good. I had private lessons, but I'm still not a confident swimmer. My children have the same as I did, but the lessons seem much better and the older 2 are confident in the water, my youngest 3 are getting there. The lessons my children have cost 2.50 each and that includes the coach there, and the insurance.
ETA I honestly thought that all school in the U.S had their own pool.

Another Aussie here. From reading the other posts from Aussies, whether a school has a pool must depend on where you live. Where I went to primary school lessons were compulsory & we walked to a local pool.  My boys also attend public school and they have compulsory swimming lessons during the hot months of the year. Their school has a pool as do 3 of the 4 local public primary schools.  A lot of public high schools have them too.

Maybe this is because I live in Queensland (the state with the pointy bit at the top) which has 2 seasons - pleasant & REALLY hot!  I've been told that the climate here is similar to Florida...I wonder if swimming pools are common there too?


--- Quote from: katycoo on July 08, 2013, 08:01:39 PM ---Australia has so much beach, that its just really common for poeple to learn to swim.  I'm not sure that its so commonplace out in the Country, but its so hot in summer as well, there's still pools and watering holes out there people would swim in.

Only private primary and high schools have their own pools.  I imagine most universities do though.

--- Quote from: Ceallach on July 08, 2013, 05:12:16 AM ---In  my experience, in Aus and NZ, swimming lessons are a standard part of primary school (ages 6-12).   You can opt out, but it's fun and part of lesson time so most are happy to do it.   I guess it would be hard to grow up not learning.

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Not in my experience.  It might have changed but all my lessons were outside of school.  Its possible it might have been an option for school sport but since the school would have to hire the pool i doubt it would be free to have your kids learn at school.

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I think it depends on where you are.  I'm another Queenslander - I'm Gold Coast, so its theme parks and beaches here - and my daughter is in 2nd grade at the local primary school and they have quite a nice pool and have had for many years.  They actually gave it a refurbishment two years ago.  The kids do swimming lessons in terms one and four (October to December and then Jan/Feb to April for those not in Australia) with one of our PE teachers, both of whom are qualified swim teachers.  Most of the schools around here have a pool, if not then they either use a local pool or go to one of the many community pools around.

I spent quite a few of my younger years in New Zealand and my school also had a pool and compulsory lessons.  They also hired a pool key to families who applied (and met the criteria) for the summer months so they could access the pool after school, on weekends and during the holidays.  We didn't apply for one as we had an inground pool at home but hiring a key was quite common and the fee (which was $25, from memory) went towards the pool upkeep.


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