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Any good barbeque marinades?

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We're going to break in our new barbeque this weekend! There will only be four of us (all adults) so we won't be doing a massive amount of food, but I still want it to be interesting - we've had a lot of barbeques over time and I've become heartily sick of sausages and burgers. The last BBQ we had at a friends, they marinaded everything beforehand and it was gorgeous, so I've been inspired to liven up my meat a little - only, I'm not really sure would work.

So, collective brain, have at it - what would you recommend to marinade: chicken wings/drumsticks, pork steaks, cubed beef/lamb (these will be threaded onto skewers with veg), and prawns. We're all pretty adventurous but I have almost nothing in my cupboard suited to marinading except mixed cajun spice and cinnamon.

I look forward to your no doubt delicious suggestions!

You can marinade anything and everything.   I found a great rub for chicken then add a glaze after that makes a sticky glaze.  It is for a smoker but it would work on the grill too.  Google Dadgum spicy sweet chicken.    Amazing!


For cubed lamb, I'd marinate in olive oil, fresh lemon juice, garlic, salt and pepper and oregano.

When visiting DH's cousin (DHC), we had a barbecued salmon that was over the top.  A basting sauce was made of equal parts of maple syrup (the real deal syrup) and soy sauce to which was added grated fresh ginger, salt and pepper and cooked on the stovetop to reduce it a bit.  DHC used it as a basting sauce while the salmon was (planked) on the covered grill. 

When we got home, I sort of replicated it but used dry ground ginger from the pantry and did not reduce it.  I put the ingredients in a plastic bag with the salmon and let it sit for a few hours before grilling and did not baste during the covered grilling process.  We also planked the salmon.  (Placed it on a cedar plank that had been soaked in water for a couple of hours before placing it on the grill, so the cedar added its own flavor.)  It is our new fave.  I'll bet this would also work with chicken and prawns and with or without the plank.

I have had good luck with the recipes from Amazing Ribs that I have tried (just a few, but they were really good).  Meathead has a ton of marinade/rub/sauce recipes on his site-and he divides them up by what type of food you are cooking.


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