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Papaya is a natural meat tenderizer. You can find it in juice form or in bottled form by the spices.  You might find it at an International Import grocer if not in your regulat store.  Also papaya pulp are often sold in frozen sheets.


--- Quote from: Zilla on July 17, 2013, 09:17:58 AM ---Papaya is a natural meat tenderizer. 

--- End quote ---

See? It's fighting back!

For the papaya lovers:  let me tell you about the time my wacky neighbor planted 4 million papaya seeds in every available spot of dirt in my yard--and they all came up.

Oh, so your neighbour is related to my dad. If my dad plants a seed, it grows.  Which means that the year he discovered that zucchini comes in two colours and planted an entire packet of each was a really, really interesting year.  ::)

Too bad papaya doesn't grow up here, I'd be so tempted to give my dad a handful of seeds.  >:D


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