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Justin Bieber gets worse (warning: body fluids)

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Article contains coarse language

Synopsis: Justin and some friends were in a nightclub and decided to leave through the kitchen.  On the way out, Justin chose to relieve himself in a mop bucket, to the amusement of his buddies.  This is going way beyond 'young star doesn't know how to handle fame' and straight into 'nasty brat'.

Millionaire Maria:
This is just getting painful. I'm not too concerned though. He's basically guaranteed to crash and burn the same way Britney Spears did.

His mother must be so proud to have raised a son like him.


--- Quote from: Hollanda on July 11, 2013, 03:12:02 AM ---His mother must be so proud to have raised a son like him.

--- End quote ---

That's kind of mean - I think in this case it's less about his upbringing and more about the fame/lifestyle going to his head. The amount of media exposure and fan-craziness could easily turn any kid, no matter what their upbringing or parents were like.

I certainly don't have any respect for the kid, I think he's been acting like a total jerk, but given that he's what, 19? Yeah I think most of this behaviour is on him.

I think that basic behaviour traits are set at a young age and by the time he was preteen / teen, his mother or other parental figure should have been able to cram some sense and decency into his head. 

From what I read and hear about him, he seems to be a self-important, entitled and egocentric little jerk. 


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