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Justin Bieber gets worse (warning: body fluids)

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I don't think it's impossible to grow up sane in the entertainment industry. But of all environments, it's probably the one with the highest percentage of people who have a vested interest in messing you up.


--- Quote from: pearls n purls on November 15, 2013, 06:57:34 PM ---And now he has trouble in Argentina for defiling their flag.  Apparently he walked off stage dragging two  flags with his feet and a microphone stand.  When in another country, don't trod on their flag.  You think it would be common sense.

--- End quote ---

To the USA eHellions : that big "klonk" sound you heard was the collective *headdesk* a lot of us Canadians did. 

I retract what I said in a previous post.  He does not need parenting, he needs to have manners beaten into him since shame and scolding (if any) do not work.   

Bieber, who?  He's so last year.     :D


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