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--- Quote from: gen xer on July 19, 2013, 10:50:04 AM ---
Honestly I find just having limited friends and limited posts makes it a lot easier.  I know that sounds simplistic but the people who seem to have the most problems are the ones with 500 friends and who engage in everything - games, apps, constant posts, likes etc.  Keeping it minimal really does eliminate a lot of problesm.

I am like you in that I really only have it to keep in touch with some people I would have a harder time keeping in touch with otherwise.

--- End quote ---

This is how I use FB as well. My page is only visible to friends, not friends of friends, and the same with my photos, etc. I have, on occasion, made select photos visible to all, like the ones I took at my HS reunion, and then posted on that FB page. You can also set your privacy settings so no one can find you have a FB page by doing a Google, Bing or other search, which I've done.

I think I have my "search for me" setting ON in FB and the ability to send me message open to all, figuring I don't have to accept, reply or do anything I don't want to, with anything I might get from someone not on my friend list, but it still allows someone I may want to reconnect with, to send me something, if they choose.

I have the apps turned off as well; I don't play any games, or anything like that.

I use a nickname for my first name and have never given them any information I'd mind. So it's not a matter of having to find the right way to hide things--because the info doesn't exist. no record of a phone number, address or anything means no way for it to accidentally get out. It's pretty easy to keep it as mainly a messaging service.


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