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Absolutely, there are several ways of doing it -- lock down your profile so no one sees it, or even use an alias.  I have a few friends who do this.  For example, one girl is named, say, Meredith Kincaid and her Facebook name is Em Kay.  Just let the friends you do want to contact know the alias you're using.

There is also an option in your privacy settings so that you don't show up in the search feature by name. The only way someone would be able to find is if you gave them your email and they searched like that.

At least that's how it used to be, I'm not so sure anymore, with how much they change things.

I haven't found the changes that much of a problem as far as privacy. Other things chnge but my privacy has remained high. Of course, it started high.

You can just ignore friend requests if people do find you.

Something that would work is to set your age to 13. It automatically locks most of that stuff down.  ;)

Another thing you could do, which some of my nieces and nephews (college and post-college) have done, is to use your first and middle name, rather than first and last, as your account name.  This way future employers are unlikely to find their personal pages and see their "misspent" youth, but the name is easily recognizable to allowed friends.


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